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The new SCC News is online, including these topics: Helmholtz-Cloud – interconnected IT services for cutting-edge research; Carbon-free combustion: A look into the future; Mentoring program for female STEM Students – Warp4IT

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the cloud remains trending. Increasingly services that were operated locally are moved to the cloud or they operate in the cloud from the very beginning. Not only in industry, also in scientific institutions the number of cloud applications continues to increase. Following suit, the Helmholtz Centres have started to build a common cloud (p. 8). Each centre contributes services and applications which are offered via a user-friendly portal. For the joint service and quality concept the centres intensively exchanged information to reach agreement on common procedures and standards. This is why, among other things, services for digital communication played an important role while developing the Helmholtz Cloud.

However, remote communication may not always be sufficient for collaborating effectively. People from SCC have started travelling and meeting again at international conferences (p. 15) or went to longer research stays all over the world. On page 16, we discuss research that was conducted by Thorsten Zirwes during a DAAD scholarship at the prestigious Stanford University, on the feasibility of achieving CO2-free combustion of ammonia in porous materials.

The spectrum of scientific cooperation and communication at KIT is immense. Junior research groups or mentoring programs bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Charlotte Debus and Sebastian Krumscheid (cover photo) started their new research groups at SCC (p. 22) and female scientists at SCC have set up a mentoring programme for female MINT students at KIT. The program involves overseeing computer science projects for female students and providing them with an understanding of what everyday scientific life entails (p. 18 and 23).

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Martin Frank, Bernhard Neumair, Martin Nußbaumer, Achim Streit

Achim Grindler