Login names of KIT accounts for employees are standardized

Login names for KIT employees in the form "vorname.nachname@kit.edu" will be discontinued. Authentication on systems can thus only be carried out via the personal KIT account in the form "ab1234" or "ab1234@kit.edu".

At currently, KIT employees log in to central KIT IT services (KIT mailbox, computers in kit.edu, etc.) with the currently valid login names in the form "kit\<ab1234>" or "<firstname.surname>@kit.edu".

The variant "<firstname.surname>@kit.edu" for KIT employees will now be changed to the new login name "<ab1234>@kit.edu".

The intention is to make the login name of a user account independent of a person's name change and to standardize the login name across all systems.

In addition, by standardizing the login name, for example, people who have agreed to use Microsoft Teams via https://my.scc.kit.edu will be able to use their Exchange calendar under Microsoft Teams in future. 

The change will take place successively from 09:00 on Monday, 18.03.2024.

The login names will be changed successively, i.e. the individual user accounts of all KIT employees will be converted one by one. After the conversion of a user account, it will no longer be possible to log in to the central IT services of KIT with "<firstname.surname>@kit.edu" for this account. From this point on, the new login name "<ab1234>@kit.edu" of the user account must be used where "<firstname.surname>@kit.edu" was otherwise used for login.

Employees can find further information at:
KIT > SCC > Services > Working environment > User account (password) > KIT user account > Change login name.

The IT representatives in the organizational (ITB) units, who have already been informed about the change, will certainly help. However, queries can also be sent by email to it-support∂scc.kit.edu.


SCC Service Team