KIT supercomputer one of the most energy-efficient in the world

The Karlsruhe high-performance computer (HoreKa) is currently one of the fastest computers in Europe. A recent upgrade also puts it in 6th place in the biannual Green 500 list of the world's most energy-efficient computers.

Die neue HoreKa-Erweiterung HoreKa-Teal (rechts im Bild) mit insgesamt 88 warmwassergekühlten Grafikbeschleunigerprozessoren

The Karlsruhe high-performance computer(HoreKa) is being upgraded to a new level, including for use in high-scaling calculations with artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complex scientific questions. The new components are combined in a separate partition, HoreKa-Teal (see photo), and contain 88 NVIDIA H100 accelerator processors. The systems are hot-water cooled and, with an energy efficiency of 63 GigaFLOPS (billions of computing operations) per watt, are among the top 10 most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world. HoreKa-Teal ranks 6th on the current Green500 list. This represents another significant improvement on the result when it was commissioned in 2021 (13th place). The total performance of HoreKa thus increases to over 20 quadrillion computing operations per second (20 PetaFLOPS).

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