• Mestrelab Mnova

  • Mestrelab Mnova is a vendor-independent software suite for data analysis and visualization of data from nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry (MS), vibrational spectroscopy and electron spectroscopy experiments.

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Mestrelab Mnova

The Institute of Organic Chemistry (IOC) has procured a campus license for Mestrelab Mnova and makes it available to the entire campus. If you have any questions regarding the content or licensing of the product, please contact Dr. Andreas Rapp. For technical questions, e.g. about installation or access to the license manager, please contact the person at the SCC (see above). To use it, you must be connected to the campus network directly or via VPN to access the license manager.

Installation instructions and the necessary license files can be found at https://ftp.scc.kit.edu/pub/campus/Mnova/.

Installation of Mestrelab Mnova:

  1. Download version 14.1.2 from our FTP server https://ftp.scc.kit.edu/pub/campus/Mnova/ or Mestrelab https://www.mestrelab.com/downloads . Versions newer than version 14 are not supported.
  2. Install Mestrelab Mnova
  3. Download all three license files from
  4. The following modules are currently licensed:
    Mnova qNMR: KIT Campus Mnova qNMR v1.0.lic
    NMR: KIT Campus NMR v1.16.lic
    Reaction Monitoring: KIT Campus Reaction Monitoring v1.0.lic
    Chemometrics: KIT CampusULTD_2020 Chemometrics.lic
  5. Open Mestrelab Mnova:
    Modern user interface: Click on "File" / "Help" / "Request Licenses".
    Classic user interface: Click on "Help" / "Get/Install Licenses".
  6. Click on "Install" and install all three previously downloaded license files one by one.
  7. Restart Mestrelab Mnova

The FTP server can be accessed in several ways:
FTP : ftp://ftp.scc.kit.edu/pub/campus/Mnova/
HTTPS : https://ftp.scc.kit.edu/pub/campus/Mnova/
NFS : sccfs-nfs3.scc.kit.edu:/Service/SCC/sccfs-ftp/pub/campus/Mnova/
CIFS : \sccfs.scc.kit.edu\Service\SCC\sccfs-ftp\pub\campus\Mnova\.