• LabVIEW (NI)

  • Development environment for signal acquisition, measured value analysis and data presentation

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National Instruments LabVIEW

Example of a campus license

Campus license

KIT has concluded a campus contract with the company National Instruments, which allows the use of the software LabView and other products for academic research and teaching. The software can be ordered in the software store with a valid KIT login and installed directly as a download version.

License server

As of June 25, 2019, the address of the license server for LabVIEW operated by the SCC is:


To use the license server, you must be on the KIT network (via VPN if necessary). Incidentally, please refer to the instructions provided in the software store. If you have problems accessing the license server under Windows, these instructions may also help.

Product information

LabVIEW offers extensive functions for data acquisition, analysis and presentation and allows the creation of a complete system on the platform of your choice.

Computers are increasingly used in both traditional measurement and test engineering as well as in process visualization and control engineering. While the conventional monitoring of processes was done via device front panels, control panels and command centers, the software product LabVIEW uses the workstation or PC for this purpose, to which evaluation and control tasks are assigned in a variety of ways.

LabVIEW solutions consist of so-called front panels as man/machine interface and of a block diagram as the actual control program. By connecting individual function blocks of a measurement application in the block diagram, so-called virtual instruments (VIs) are created, which emulate the exterior of a conventional measurement and control system. In their function, these VIs are comparable to real integrated circuits (ICs). They have multiple ports and perform tasks ranging from simple adder to fast Fourier transform to histogram generation. The program includes extensive tools for programming user interfaces, libraries for signal analysis and instrument drivers for controlling devices with, for example, serial interfaces. In addition, a wide range of plug-in cards for data acquisition and system control for PCs, PowerPCs, Macintosh and Sun computers are supported.

Further information

Interested parties should register at National Instruments' My.NI web portal. The serial number required for registration is available when LabVIEW is ordered from the software store. The web portal provides access to documentation, online training, and other information.

If you wish to submit support requests to National Instruments on your own, you must be registered as eligible for support under our Academic Site License. To do this, the SCC must report your name and email address to NI if required. Please inform us informally if you want to be support-eligible.