• CADENCE products are used to develop application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

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CADENCE products are used for the development of application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

For the individual phases of the design processing of an IC the following program packages are offered for different computer platforms :

  • ASIC Front-End Package. A set of basic modules for schematic entry, simulation and synthesis of digital networks. Supports design description with graphics and text related to logical behavior and network structure.
  • IC Package. Efficient to use software tools for each step in the design process, from the abstract definition of the IC architecture to the detailed implementation of the circuit structure, describing the network in VHDL or Verilog HDL. The package also includes all components of the ASIC front-end package.
  • Systems Package. Supports schematic entry, simulation (analog, digital and mixed signals) and implementation in hardware. Digital circuit parts are simulated in Verilog or Leapfrog (VHDL), analog in SPICEPLUS / SPECTRE. Furthermore, analysis tools for thermal stress, signal integrity and estimation of EMC effects are available.
  • PCB Studio Package. CAD tools for PCB design (computer platforms : windows 2000 and NT). Includes schematic entry with ORCAD-Capture, unbundling with ALLEGRO- PCB and gridless, interactive or automatic routing of traces by router SPECCTRA. Circuit behavior can also be simulated with CADENCE-PSPICE A/D.

    A total of 17 CADENCE licenses are used at the institutes of the University of Karlsruhe (TH), some of them in the laboratory. A list of the currently available program versions can be found on the page EDA Systems. The licenses were obtained regularly via the EU training initiative EUROPRACTICE (PRomoting Access to Components, subsystems and microsystems Technologies for Industrial Competitiveness in Europe). Further details can be found on the web pages of this institution :


    please select Academic Institutions and CADENCE. The university's membership in EUROPRACTICE is managed by the Computing Center.