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McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange (MSME)

McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange (MSME)

MSME is a anti-virus scanner for use within the Microsoft Exchange environment. It is deployed on the mail servers of the KIT scanning the mail queues and the mailboxes for malware. MSME is not scanning the file system of a mail server it is deployed to. A separate anti-virus programm has to be installed on the mail server to scan the the file system and protect against malware that is aiming for exploiting vulnerabilities of the operating system of the mail server.

In the case of deploying MSME and a local anti-virus software on the same system care must be taken to configure the anti-virus programm not to scan the files containing the mail queues or the mail boxes as these are being scanned by MSME. Otherwise problems can occur when the anti-virus program removes an email containig malware before it is correctly handled by MSME.
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McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange

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