bwDIM - Data in Motion

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The state project bwDataInMotion (bwDIM) supports scientists at universities in Baden-Württemberg in research data management. Its goal is to simplify the flow of data between the different systems.

bwDIM - bwDataInMotion

The project bwDataInMotion (bwDIM) supports scientific staff of universities in Baden-Württemberg in their scientific data management. Its goal is to simplify data flows between diverse services and storage systems.

The baden-württemberg based project bwDIM is a cooperation of the Scientific Computing Center at KIT, the Leibniz-Institute for Information Infrastructure (FIZ Karlsruhe) and the KIT-library and points at connecting the diverse systems and services for research data management to enable simple and efficient data flows. By lowering the barriers for archiving, publication and re-use of research data, it thereby facilitates the everyday work of scientists.

In doing so, it builds on groundwork and building blocks from other projects (e.g. bwDataArchiv, RADAR, bwDataDiss) which are linked to a greater whole. For this purpose the project investigates the core processes in the work of scientists and identifies existing deficits on a project level and within technical services. From there, solution approaches for the optimization of processes and the efficient integration of core services are developed and validated against existing systems and scientific communities.

In practice this includes the standardization of archive interfaces as well as of the administrative and technical metadata, the development of authentication and authorization infrastructure spanning federations like bwIDM and enabling persistent user profiles, the support of asynchronous data transfer and -provisioning techniques as well as the connection and integration of repository and publication systems.