bwITSec - Entwicklung einer kooperativen IT-Sicherheitsstruktur der Universitäten des Landes Baden-Württemberg

In the bwITsec project, a state-wide framework concept for IT security and a federative IT security structure are being drafted. The project is also developing a plan for implementing a CERT structure for the state universities.

bwITsec – development of a cooperative IT security structure for the universities of Baden-Wuerttemberg

This project strives to design a state-wide outlined IT security concept as well as a federated IT security structure for the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Furthermore, a plan to implement a CERT structure for the state universities will be developed.


It is the primary goal of the current efforts that the IT security teams of universities, which have yet to be established in some cases, will be working in partnership in the future. This is partly already operative in some state universities today, but it is not yet implemented nationwide. The already established and future cooperation requires the development of standards which all participating universities will have to comply with.

The IT security concept template which has to be designed in this project helps the country's universities to establish viable IT security structures and to takes into account the proposed IT security concepts and IT security structures when designing new IT services. It is planned to prove this already during the project period with selected processes or services in practice.

Coordination between the state universities, particularly in the context of incident handling at state-wide services in Baden Wuerttemberg, as well as procedures for incident handling have not yet been defined. In this project, a template for nationwide security concept and a federal IT security structure is to be designed including a concept for the implementation of a CERT structure for the state universities to enable the required capability for comprehensive incident handling according to established standards. Here, the building up of competences at the universities is particularly focussed.


The bwITsec project is funded the Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Wuerttemberg (MWK).