Innovative network technologies

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New Backbone - 100G in the KIT Core Network

In a conversion phase started at the end of 2018, obsolete network components will be replaced and the hardware in the KIT core network will be upgraded to a bandwidth of 100G. The architecture used in this process makes the network more fail-safe and significantly increases the performance of the SCC's data-intensive services. The extensive work will continue in 2019 and into 2020.(To the full article - german)


bwNET2020+ researches and develops innovative network architectures

The vision of "self-driving networks" describes autonomous networks that operate themselves in cooperation with humans and based on their specifications. This goes beyond conventional automation. Analogous to autonomous vehicles, such a network must be able to evaluate its state, derive meaningful reactions to optimize its function and implement them or suggest them to the operator. Related issues are being researched in the bwNET2020+ innovation project, tested in experiments and core aspects implemented productively. This will explore how campus networks and the Baden-Württemberg state university network BelWü can be strengthened and further developed in a forward-looking manner in the face of current and future challenges.(To the complete article - german)

Neue Backbone-Hardware - Spine und darunter zwei Leaves
New backbone hardware - Spine and under it two Leaves
Diagramm zeigt die Grundbausteine und deren Beziehungen im Self-driving Network
Basic building blocks and their relationships in the Self-driving Network