DNS server (name server)

Recursive name servers (resolvers)

These are the servers that are configured as DNS servers on the systems in KIT. If the system is located in the intranet and needs the internal view, configure the internal resolvers, otherwise - if the system is located in front of the firewall (Extranet) - the external ones.

It is sufficient to enter the two IPv6 addresses. Only if your system does not have IPv6 (which should not be the case at KIT), enter the IPv4 addresses.

Internal resolver addresses:

  • 2a00:1398::1, 2a00:1398::2

External resolver addresses:

  • 2a00:1398::e:1, 2a00:1398::e:2

Authoritative name servers

KIT operates two authoritative name servers:

dns1.kit.edu, dns2.kit.edu