NHR@KIT Call for Collaboration

Seven successful projects in the second NHR@KIT Call for Collaboration

Foto: Simon Raffeiner (SCC)

The National High-Performance Computing Center at KIT (NHR∂KIT) has recently concluded the review of the second NHR@KIT Call for Collaboration. In this call scientists from the application fields Earth System Science, Materials Science, Engineering in Energy and Mobility, Particle and Astroparticle Physics, and other disciplines were invited to submit proposals for collaborative research projects bridging the expertise of domain scientists and HPC experts. Following a competitive, external review of all submitted proposals, seven projects were selected and will receive funding for up to a 3 year period.

The successful proposals cover the full range of scientific domains at NHR@KIT and will be performed in close collaboration within either the Simulation and Data Life Cycle Labs (SDLs) or the Software Sustainability and Performance Engineering Team (SSPE). We congratulate the successful projects and we look forward to the start of the collaborative projects

Contact at SCC: René Caspart