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The KIT-wide go-live of easyBANF as the successor to the SRM system has been postponed to 18.09.2024. Until then, an extended pilot operation will take place in which selected organizational units are already using easyBANF.

Current information was presented at KIT-ON on 29.05.2024:

Presentation KIT-ON from 29.05.2024

(easyBANF was already presented at KIT-ON on 15.06.2023 and 16.11.2023 ).

You can already find information and instructions on how to use the easyBANF on this website. These will be updated on an ongoing basis based on the experience gained from the pilot operation.


The SRM for creating and approving shopping carts can be accessed here. You can find more information on purchasing with SRM at

Forms and detailed instructions can be downloaded from the following website: