High Performance Computing

The SCC operates large-scale facilities for scientific high-performance computing and data-intensive science within the framework of secure IT federations. This includes parallel computer systems for different user groups. Information about the services and systems related to scientific computing are listed below.

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HPC Systems

SCC operates the high-performance computer systems Hochleistungsrechner Karlsruhe (HoreKa) and bwUniCluster.

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HPC News

Here you will find current news about scientific computing as well as news from research and development at HPC.


Scientific computing requires efficient storage systems. In addition to parallel storage directly on the cluster, the SCC provides the online storage LSDF and an archive.

Scientist visualizes protein folding processes on a 3D screenSCC
Visualization Lab

Visualization laboratory for analysis of measurement data, illustration of Computational Fluid Dynamics or biomolecule simulations as well as for computer-aided product development.

Computational Science and Engineering

The SCC conducts research in method-oriented mathematics and application-oriented mathematical modelling as well as on simulation with HPC systems.

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Simulation and Data Life Cycle Labs

The Simulation and Data Life Cycle Labs (SDL) support collaborations and knowledge transfer focusing on supporting data and simulation scientists across projects.

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HPC Projects

An overview of all research and development projects in the field of high performance computing can be found here.

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Knowledge transfer in HPC

The educational offer of the SCC includes lectures and exercises as well as projects at schools on topics of scientific computing and mathematical methods.

Cooperation in HPC

The SCC is involved in many regional, national and international cooperations.