Conference at KIT - Big Data meets Smart Data

In addition to lectures on Big Data use-cases, data analysis and platforms as well as tutorials and trainings, the conference offers discussion sessions with industry representatives of the Data Innovation Communities of the Smart Data Innovation Lab.

Topic tree for the Conference

The Big Data All Hands Meeting provides an opportunity for any research project related to Big Data which is funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) to present their obtained results and to reconcile their future orientations. All of the researchers from the Big Data-Competence Centers [1], about 20 Big Data projects, representatives of the associated research and the chosen representatives of the German industry are invited for this event. 

KIT as one of the three German Big Data competence centers organizes the second meeting of this kind and thus fulfills its outstanding role in Germany’s Big Data research. The schedule of the second Big Data All Hands Meeting includes 25 presentations on data analytics, use-cases and Big Data platforms as well as some tutorials and hands-on trainings. In addition, discussion sessions between the industry representatives of the Data Innovation Communities of the KIT’s Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) complete this event.

Further information: http://sdil.kit.edu/BDAHM

Contact: Dr. Parinaz Ameri


[1] BMBF Big Data Kompetenzzentren
[2] http://www.softwaresysteme.pt-dlr.de/de/forschungsvorhaben-bigdata.php


Achim Grindler