SAP: Guest and partner administration in the SAP Enterprise Portal

As of December 18,2017, guest and partner administration (GUP) will be available as a web-based application (WEB-GUP) in the SAP Enterprise Portal.

As of December 18,2017, the guest and partner administration (GUP) will be available as a web-based application (WEB-GUP) in the SAP web portal.

The previous application via the SAP GUI will be available until the end of March 2018, but there are no further modifications.

The use of the Web-based GUP will no longer require an SAP GUI installation, which means that the OpenVPN setup for transport security is no longer necessary.

There are still restrictions regarding the browser used. The SCC recommends using Internet Explorer 11.

The operation of the GUP portal interface is largely self-explanatory. Further explanations can also be accessed via www.scc.kit.edu/downloads/ior/Benutzeranleitung-GUP-Portal.pdf from the application.

Compared to the previous GUP application, there are the following changes and improvements:

  • Active and deactivated entries are now listed in the guest and partner management under two different tabs.
  • If a guest or partner changes to another OU, the corresponding entry can now be 'released'. It then remains active for the OU assigned so far. The future OU of the guest or partner now has 7 days to accept the entry. If this transfer has not taken place within the corresponding period, the released entry is automatically deactivated.
  • In the case of a new creation, the input is now carried out using a 5-step wizard, which splits the data to be entered into several screens and carries out plausibility checks for each screen.
  • You can now delete GuP entries directly from the dataset.
  • A GuP entry can now be assigned to a department within an organizational unit. This is useful for larger organizational units.
  • The' Address type' field can be used to classify an address as a business or private address.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Mr. Pickhardt, SCC-IOR.