Policy was changed at the KIT mail inbox systems

The use of an additional virus scanner prevents the central mail inbox systems from accepting messages with Office files containing macros or macro-like content.

IT-Sicherheit an Maileingangssystemen

The SCC uses various mechanisms to minimize the risks of malware transmitted by mail to the KIT. On the one hand a normal virus scanner for mail servers is in use, on the other hand mail attachments with certain file extensions or file names are rejected by the central mail inbox systems of the KIT.

Another special virus scanner has now been set up to detect messages that recognize Office files with macros or macro-like content, because macros can also contain malicious code.

The systems send a permanent error message to the sending mail server so that it does not make any further delivery attempts. The sender receives the following error message:

[EN] Office files containing macros are not allowed on this server. Please use another distribution channel or encryption. See also the recommendations in More security when sending e-mails.

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