HelmholtzAI Local Energy Consulting Team at SCC

The HelmholtzAI Local Energy Consulting Team is as of October 1st running at full power. The team is now supporting AI applications in energy research and beyond.

The HelmholtzAI Local Energy Consulting Team.

The HelmholtzAI Local Energy Consulting Team at SCC is complete since October 1st! We are pleased that Charlotte Debus, James Kahn, Daniel Coquelin and group leader Markus Götz are now supporting AI applications in energy research (and beyond) with their expertise.

James Kahn previously worked at KIT at the Grid Computing Centre Karlsruhe (GridKa). There he supported the data management for the Belle-II experiment at the Japanese research centre KEK for particle physics. Charlotte <Charlie> Debus was previously at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne and worked on high-performance data analytics in the field of rocket propulsion. In this context, she has already contributed to the HeAT toolkit - a novel, easy-to-use software library to enable scaling methods for analyzing large amounts of data on HPC systems, which is also being co-developed by SCC. Daniel Coquelin, the fourth in the group, moved to us from Forschungszentrum Jülich in March 2020. As already there, he will continue to work on the optimization of computing and communication operations for AI algorithms on high-performance computers. His focus is mainly on data and model parallel neural networks.

The Helmholtz AI Consultants Team of the Local Unit Energy will deal with a variety of issues from the Energy Research Field. However, the four of them are particularly well versed in image, time series and graph processing, the estimation of uncertainties and the use of parallel hardware for the processing of large-scale data sets.

Further information: www.helmholtz.ai/themenmenue/our-research/consultant-teams/helmholtz-ai-consultants-kit/


Contact at SCC: Markus Götz

Achim Grindler