Girls'Day digital 2021 at IAI and SCC

Girls' Day took place digitally this year. 25 schoolgirls from all over Germany participated in the workshop "Data of today - Medicine of tomorrow" offered by IAI and SCC staff.

Segmentation of a computed tomography (CT) Image

Four researchers from the HelmholtzInformation & Data Science School for Health (HIDSS4Health) and three colleagues from IT at the Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics (IAI) and the Scientific Computing Center (SCC) met with 25 schoolgirls from all over Germany for a digital workshop.

In small groups, the girls were able to test interactively and playfully how to recognize structures such as organs and bones in a computed tomography (CT) image. The fact that so-called segmentation, which is used, for example, in cancer research to detect tumors, served as a vivid example here. The students recognised the challenges of this task and asked questions about the methods used to recognise cancer. In two short presentations, Pia Stammer and Alexandra Walter - both of whom conduct research in the Computational Science and Mathematical Methods (CSMM) working group at SCC - explained how artificial intelligence is used in the evaluation of medical image data in cancer research.


Sabine Grindler/ Claudia Greceanu