WLAN for IoT Devices at KIT

From July 2021, the new KIT-IoT WLAN with WPA-PSK and individual key per device will be available for IoT devices at KIT.

In the past, it was not possible at KIT to connect IoT devices that do not support authentication via WPA-Enterprise to the WLAN. This is now made possible by the KIT "KIT-IoT" WLAN introduced in July 2021 using Multi Pre-Shared Key (MPSK) technology. For this purpose, each device receives its own WPA key, which is assigned to the MAC address and VLAN.

IT administrators can now also register wireless clients with their MAC address via the NETVS network services portal using the "MACAuth" menu item and generate a WPA key.

The clients are thereby - comparable to WiFi2VLAN - hung in the VLAN in which they were entered.
To use the service, the corresponding VLAN must be enabled.