New AI junior research group at SCC.

On Sept. 1, a new AI junior research group starts under the leadership of Dr. Charlotte Debus, further expanding AI research at SCC. The group emerges from the successfully acquired BMBF project EQUIPE, which is funded over 3 years.

In large modern AI models for time series prediction, so-called transformer networks, uncertainties on the prediction are determined

On September 1, the new junior research group Robust and Efficient Artificial Intelligence starts at SCC under the leadership of Dr. Charlotte Debus. The group emerges from the BMBF project EQUIPE, which Dr. Debus successfully funded in a call for proposals for AI junior research groups within the framework of the BMBF guideline for the promotion of young researchers [1]. The EQUIPE project aims to develop scalable and efficient methods for quantifying uncertainties in AI-based time series prediction and will fund the group leader and two additional PhD students over 3 years.

Dr. Charlotte Debus, who has been researching AI topics in the field of energy as a member of a Helmholtz AI Consultant Team at SCC since October 2020, is excited about the opportunity to further advance AI research at KIT and to support much-needed young scientists.

Ms. Debus studied physics at the University of Heidelberg and did her PhD there at the German Cancer Research Center on AI-based improvement of radiation therapy for brain tumors. After 2 years as a PostDoc, she moved to the German Aerospace Center in Cologne in 2019, where she established contact with Markus Götz and the SCC through the Helmholtz Analytics Framework project.

For her, applying for an independent junior research group means another step towards more freedom of design and personal responsibility in research at KIT. At the same time, she would like to continue to maintain and expand the good relations with her original department and especially the Helmholtz AI team. "There are many synergies between the different groups, and we will continue to apply for and carry out projects together to strengthen the AI expertise at SCC," says Ms. Debus.


Contact at SCC: Dr. Charlotte Debus


Achim Grindler