New functions in the User Portal (UP)

From the end of March, new additional functions will be available in the User Portal (UP) for SAP applications

New functions in UP

The User Portal (UP) is available to all KIT employees (except auxiliary staff) at up.scc.kit.edu and is the successor to the SAP Web Portal. Starting at the end of March, the following new functions/apps will be published in UP in addition to the already existing ones (My Profile, My Certificates):

  • Automated invoice receipt processing (AREB).
  • Recording of person days
  • Approval of person days
  • My leave requests (corresponds to the absence overview in the SAP Web Portal, e.g. for submitting leave requests).

The functions/apps are only displayed if the person has the appropriate authorization (e.g. only participants in the ESS see the "My leave requests" app). With the exception of the AREB, the functions/apps are offered in German and English. Further information on UP can be found in the service description. If you have any questions or problems regarding the use of UP, you can contact the SCC Service Desk.

Hengel, Martin (SCC)