Best Poster Slam Award for the project "Materialized Holiness"

Reciting a rhyme about crown and digital methods, the project "Materialized Holiness" achieved 1st place in the poster slam at the 9th conference of the association "Digital Humanities in the German-speaking world" in Trier.

Das Poster des Projektes "Materialisierte Heiligkeit" bei der DHd23.

The poster of the interdisciplinary research team, consisting of experts from Jewish Studies (FU Berlin) and Research Data Management (SCC-DEM), presents both the research project of the BMBF-funded project Materialized Holiness and its digital methodology. The focus is on medieval, European Torah scrolls and their optical peculiarities in the typeface. In this project, SCC is developing a digital data infrastructure including a research data repository and tools for the controlled recording and editing of annotations. This digital approach offers multiple access points to new insights, linkages of contexts, and metaphysical analyses of Torah scrolls.

At the Poster Slam, contributors can present their poster within one minute to arouse interest in the audience to visit the poster in the subsequent poster session. There are no limits to creativity: A total of 22 contributions consisting of short videos, acting performances, imaginative presentations, and funny texts formed the colorful mix of this year's slam. With the title "Digital Scriptural Tradition: Ritually Pure Torah Scrolls in the Jewish Diaspora," the project team "Materialized Holiness" presented the associated poster as an imaginative rhyme, winning the Best Poster Slam Award with the loudest applause!

Contact: Laura Frank