GitLab at KIT - Development platform goes online

After a successful pilot operation, the SCC has now set up the IT infrastructure for central version management with GitLab. The service "GitLab at KIT" can be used by all employees and students at KIT from the beginning of July 2023.

In software development, "git" has become the de facto standard as a tool for decentralized version management in recent years. Based on this, GitLab offers a web application for project management, documentation, bug tracking, build creation and deployment including continuous integration.

Possible application scenarios at KIT include courses on programming as well as software development in research (also RSE). In addition, the platform is also suitable for managing text-based documents, e.g. in the markup languages like LaTeX or Markdown.

After the discontinuation of SVN and a successful pilot operation of git.scc.kit.edu, the SCC has set up the cluster operation for the new central service "GitLab at KIT" in the last few months and now makes the development platform available for use by all KIT members.

Information about the features of the service and their possible uses can be found in the service description for the "GitLab at KIT" service.
However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact information provided in the service description.