CollabFuL: Sichere soziale Zusammenarbeit in Forschung und Lehre

  • contact:

    Prof. Dr. Hannes Hartenstein

  • project group:

    Universität Konstanz
    Universität Tübingen

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The CollabFuL: Secure Social Collaboration in Research and Education project aims to create an open, unified, flexible, and privacy-friendly environment for secure social academic information sharing ...

CollabFuL - Secure Social Collaboration in Research and Teaching


Daily life in academics is increasingly characterized by collaboration beyond organizational borders on all levels and with changing participants: common interests are searched for, ideas are developed together, documents are edited cooperatively, but also research and teaching results and official announcements are disseminated. Teachers, learners and researchers increasingly use social media and online platforms like Facebook, Dropbox etc. for their tasks, but concerns over privacy issues are raised. The project CollabFuL: Secure Social Collaboration in Research and Teaching aims for building an open, uniform, flexible and privacy-preserving environment for a secure social academic exchange of information which considers the current and future developments, is easily and uniformly usable, and integrates seamlessly and synergistic with existing internal and external services.

The main components of CollabFuL are:

  • flexible and trustworthy cloud storage
  • online social network
  • support of virtual collaboration
  • campus integration

The Project CollabFul is funded by MWK-BW. Partners are Universität Konstanz and Universität Tübingen.