• Videokonferenz für das Durchführen von mündlichen Prüfungen

  • Video conference for oral examinations

    For conducting oral examinations via video conference, KIT hosts the web application Jitsi Meet. Apart from a suitable web browser, no other software needs to be installed. The KIT recommends the use of this service for conducting oral examinations via video conference.

Quick start

For a quick start, the most important steps for conducting an examination via video conference are explained below. The procedures are described in detail in the section procedure for the examination.

Procedure of the examination

In due time, usally a few days before the examination, the examinee is informed by the examination commitee about date, time and web adress (URL) of the examination. Then, on the day of examination, the examiner(s), the transcriber and the examinee meet in the web conference room.

In the following, the examination procedure is described step by step from the examiner's point of view or from the examinee's point of view respectively.

Technical and organisational requirements

Please note basic technical and organisational information regarding oral video conferencing examinations at www.zml.kit.edu/english/4601.php.

To use Jitsi Meet, no software other than a suitable web browser needs to be installed. To avoid known technical problems, the use of Chromium or Chrome is recommended. The use of Firefox is currently prevented for technical reasons.

In exceptional cases, i.e. if no PC or laptop capable of videoconferencing is available, a smartphone app for Android or iOS can be used. The installation is described under jitsi.org/downloads/. Caution, the app includes trackers!

Functional scope and function test

Scope of functions

The range of functions is deliberately reduced to the essentials and included:

  • Video and sound transmission
  • Screen-Sharing
  • Chat function

Acommon whiteboard or other tools for editing documents collaboratively are not included in the scope of functions are, for example, . The use of third-party applications such as bwSync&Share is recommended.

Functional test

Under vc-exam.scc.kit.edu/test a jitsi instance is available for testing purposes. This instance is not password-protected (neither for room creation nor for access) and is NOT allowed for productive use.
This instance provides a Jitsi installation identical to the one used for the exam to test the correct functioning of the camera, microphone and, if necessary, the screen sharing functionality with a study colleague as a conversation partner or with the help of a second device (e.g. smartphone).