Discontinuation: The bwFileStorage service will be stopped in November 2018

The "bwFileStorage" service for the mass storage of scientific data will be discontinued on 18 November 2018. Migration of data still required is necessary.

Service Discontinuation: bwFileStorage

The "bwFileStorage" service will be stopped on November 18, 2018.

The service will be phased out:

1. The registration of new users was discontinued in mid-July 2018.

2. From August 24, 2018 it will no longer be possible to write new data to the bwFileStorage, but read access to the data will still be allowed.

3. The service will be terminated definitively on 18 November 2018. Data still in the system and all existing backups of the data are deleted at this point.

Access to the data will no longer be possible from 18 November 2018!

External users (not KIT members) are asked to migrate the required data from the system independently.

The SCC at KIT offers the bwDataArchive service for users in the state of Baden-Württemberg for archiving scientific data.
The SDS∂hd service, which is operated at the Computer Center of the University of Heidelberg, is used to store actively scientific data. This service is available to scientists from all Baden-Württemberg universities.

For KIT users, SCC will migrate the user directories to the new LSDF Online Storage service. However, registration for the SCC service "LSDF Online Storage" is mandatory until August 24, 2018! Registration takes place via the bwIDM web interface.

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