• KIT e-mail

  • This service provides an e-mail box (with groupware functionality) for sending and receiving e-mails.

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Size, functionality and access options of the e-mail box:

  • The e-mail mailbox includes 8 GB of storage space.
  • A maximum of 50 MB (gross) per e-mail (including attachments/attachments) can be sent/received.
  • It is possible to set up an out-of-office notification.
  • The customer can restore deleted elements individually within 14 days.
  • Restoration of the entire mailbox is possible within 25 days.
  • For the automatic management of incoming e-mails, rules can be created that are applied to incoming e-mails regardless of the access variant used (e.g. e-mail software).

Permitted protocols for e-mail access:

  • MAPI (Outlook)
  • EAS (Exchange Active Sync)
  • IMAP 4 [Internet Message Access Protocol, Version 4] with SSL
  • POP 3 [Post Office Protocol, version 3] with SSL
  • HTTP [Hypertext Transfer Protocol] with SSL
    • OWA (Outlook Web App)
    • EWS (Exchange Web Services)

Groupware functionalities:

The e-mail mailbox provides you with calendar, tasks and contacts, among others, in addition to the ability to send emails or out-of-office notifications.
With the help of the calendar you can manage your own appointments and create meeting requests with status overview of the answers. Resources such as rooms or beamers can be invited to meetings. In order to be able to plan appointments better, the free and busy times of each user's standard calendar are visible to the other users by default. This functionality can be deactivated by adjusting the calendar permissions.
The task functionality allows to manage own tasks with reminder function. Tasks can also be delegated. Among other things, reminders for feedback can be set up.

Spam protection:
A spam filter classifies emails into spam and non-spam. Desired e-mails that the spam filter incorrectly classifies as "spam" are called "false positives". In a few cases, unsolicited mails are not recognized as spam, called "false negatives".
Since there is a possibility of misclassified emails, the customer can manually configure filter rules to classify email senders. The mechanisms available depend on the e-mail software used.
For mail to google addresses please see also the notes on page Google Mail tightens reception rules

Mailbox virus protection:
The customer receives mailbox virus protection. Despite regular updates of the mailbox virus protection, absolute protection against all viruses cannot be guaranteed.

The mass and unsolicited sending of e-mails of a commercial nature (spamming) is not permitted. All incoming mails are checked and marked as spam if necessary. These mails will be placed in the junk mail folder of the mailbox.

Email Software:
The use of the following email software is recommended:

  • Microsoft Outlook

Refer to the SCC service pages for configuration information.

Usage times

The service "E-Mail KIT" is available 24x7. Scheduled maintenance is usually announced one week in advance. The corresponding maintenance windows can be found on the SCC service pages.

Logon and logoff

Each KIT employee automatically receives a user account and a mailbox to enable accessibility by e-mail. Employees of external organizations receive a mailbox in the course of granting a guest and partner account.


If there is an error in the master data (e.g. first name, last name, service unit), please contact the HR department or, in the case of guest and partner accounts, the issuing organizational unit. For all other e-mail-related inquiries, please contact the SCC ServiceDesk.

IT Security

When sending sensitive data, encryption based on X.509 certificates is strongly recommended. For more information on the use of user and group certificates, please refer to the KIT-CA pages under Certificate Types - . Personal and group certificate

Included services

  • Access licenses for Exchange Server services.
  • Support for the e-mail software listed in the service description.
  • Daily backup of mailboxes with a minimum storage period of 25 days.
  • Individual consulting on the e-mail service.

Services not included

  • Licenses for the e-mail software used
  • The provision and licensing of the Internet access required for "E-Mail am KIT", the connections to the Internet, and the required PC equipment are not included in this contract.

Organizational requirements

  • The customer must be a member (employee / student) of KIT. Employees of external organizations need a guest and partner account.
  • The KIT account must be activated in the identity management to prove the personal identity (SCC Self-Service Portal).

Technical requirements

  • E-mail software
  • Internet access


E-mail for students

This variant provides an e-mail box (with groupware functionality) for sending and receiving e-mails for enrolled KIT students.

Deviations from the IT service "E-Mail at KIT

Size, functionality and access options of the e-mail mailbox:

  • The e-mail mailbox includes 2 GB of storage space.