Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)

Information about mobile work in the home office

In view of the current situation, there are more and more questions regarding the establishment of home office and mobile work. The SCC services support access to the KIT network, access to central applications and the KIT mailbox. For mobile working, the service agreement on telework and mobile work of KIT applies.

Microsoft Teams for Collaboration at KIT

MS-Teams offers chats, meetings, video conferencing, notes, shared file editing and to-do lists.

Instructions for using MS-Teams
VPN connection to the KIT network

A VPN connection is required to dial into the KIT network. There are instructions for using OpenVPN for all operating systems and devices.

VPN instructions
Remote Desktop Service
Access to central applications

After dialing into the KIT network with VPN, centralized applications can be accessed via the Remote Desktop Service.

Remote Desktop Service
Outlook Web Access
Access to KIT mailbox

The KIT mailbox can be accessed from any computer with a web browser by logging in.

Outlook Web Access
Logo Sharepoint
Collaboration with Microsoft Sharepoint (KIT Team Sites)

Collaborative and location-independent working in teams is possible with Microsoft Sharepoint.
With the service "KIT Team Sites" the SCC supports different teams at KIT.

Logo DFNConf
Use of DFNconf videoconferences

Due to the corona epidemic, online events are increasingly being set up via the DFNConf service. Here you will find tips and information from DFN on the current status of the service.

Cyber criminals use corona crisis

Cyber criminals do not take a break even in the corona crisis.
Please note always the latest security warnings of the SCC.

Security warnings