• File exchange and online storage for desktop data (bwSync&Share)

  • The state service bwSync&Share is an online storage service for employees and students of universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg. It has been operated at KIT since January 1, 2014 and enables users to synchronize or exchange their data between different computers, mobile devices, and users.

General information

Details of the service, including registration and use, and the scope of services are available at the ALWR Services Website (german only).
The service is accessed via the web interface bwsyncandshare.kit.edu.
Further information on how to use the service can also be found in the user documentation.

Help and support

Users receive support from the local helpdesk of their home institution.
For more information about the service, please visit our documentation page.

Organizational requirements

Employees and students of universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg can use this service and will each receive their own storage space. Additional users can participate in the service by invitation, but will not receive their own storage space.
KIT users will be deprived of the Entitlement and thus the right to participate in the Service on the day they leave KIT.

This service is also offered to the members of DFN-Verein within the DFN-Cloud. Information and conditions can be found at www.dfn.de/dfn-cloud/ (german only) or on the ALWR website (german only)