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  • Microsoft 365 Student Use Benefit

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Education for students


KIT has joined the nationwide Microsoft Academic Agreement with an EES contract and can therefore offer its students various other software products as part of the Microsoft 365 A3 Student Use Benefit.


You will need an Azure account to access the Microsoft portals, which you can activate through the SCC Self-Service portal.


Additional Information

Office 365 subscriptions in the tenant "" or "" obtained for a fee of 3.99 euros per year via will remain in place until the regular expiration of the subscription, but can no longer be renewed. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible support (

KIT has blocked the use of Office web applications and the OneDrive and SharePoint storage services for all new Azure accounts since March 2020 for data protection reasons.

Existing accounts have not been blocked retroactively, as these persons have taken on any risks by self-registering and are aware that business use of the storage services is not permitted in accordance with

The Azure account activated through the SCC Self-Service Portal will only remain in effect until de-registration. Back up your data stored in Microsoft 365 in good time before de-registration!