Seminar "Computational Science and Mathematical Methods"

Seminar Archive

Sommer Semester 2022

2022-05-04 Tobias Ribizel (SCC-FiNE)

Composable Solvers in the Ginkgo Library

2022-05-18 14:00(!) Mahfuja A Khuda (UNC Charlotte, USA)

Numerical analysis of a developing turbulent flow and conjugate heat transfer for molten salt and liquid sodium in a solar receiver

2022-05-25 Marie Houillon (IBT-CaMo)

Porting the openCARP cardiac electrophysiology framework to GPU architectures

2022-06-01 Gregor Olenik (SCC-FiNE)

Accelerating OpenFOAM simulations on GPUs

2022-06-15 Mehdi Roozmeh (SCC-SCM)

Automating and Scaling task-level Parallelism of Tightly Coupled Models via code Generation

2022-06-22 Hybrid Jasmin Hörter (SCC-SCM)

Harmonic Maps

2022-07-13 Hybrid Elnaz Azmi (SCC-D3A)

Approximation and Optimization of Environmental Simulations in High Spatio-Temporal Resolution using Machine Learning Methods

2022-07-20 Hybrid Ella Steins (RWTH Aachen)

Quantile Estimation for Transpiration Cooling

Winter Semester 2021/2022

2021-09-22 1) Annika Schütz (KIT)

Tooor!!! Oder?

  2) Tony Peters (KIT)

First Collision Source Methods for Radiation Therapy

2021-11-10 Thorsten Zirwes (SCM)

Detailed Simulation of Flame Dynamics

2021-12-01 Philipp Beyer (KIT)

Entwicklung eines Workshops zum Thema Automatisierte Komposition mit Hilfe von Markov Ketten

2021-12-8 Emil Grigorov (TU-Sofia)

Applications and examples of (droplet-based) microfluidical flows

2021-12-10 (Friday!) Maqsood Rajput (SCM)

Uncertainty quantification for atmospheric chemistry models

2022-01-12 Tianbai Xiao (SCM)

On scientific machine learning and its applications in kinetic theory and fluid dynamics

2022-01-19 1) Nikolai Pfisterer (SCM)

Applying Machine Learning to the Cellular Potts Model

  2) Hasan Hüseyin Kalkan (SCM)

Parametrisation of the Lithium Ion Battery from the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

2022-01-26 Stephanie Hofmann (SCM)

Prediction models for words - optimization of model parameters and experiences with groups of students

2022-02-02 1) Pia Stammer (SCM)

Data-based uncertainty modeling for radiation therapy

  2) Alexander Jesser (SCM)

The Manhattan Project and Neutronics Calculation Advances

2022-02-09 Tim Ortkamp (SCM)

Optimization problems in radiotherapy treatment planning

2022-02-16 1) Alexandra Walter (SCM)

Automated CTV delineation for head and neck cancers respecting expert guidelines

  2) Steffen Schotthöfer (SCM)

Neural network-based, structure-preserving entropy closures for the Boltzmann moment system

2022-02-23 1) Mingliang Zhong (SCM)

Lattice Boltzmann method and its application

  2) Sruthy Sreenivasan (SCM)

Virtual Research Environment for Materials Modelling and Data Analysis

2022-03-02 Ella Steins (RWTH Aachen)

Risk Assessment for Transpiration Cooling

2022-03-09 Sarah Schönbrodt (SCM)

Optimization problems in mathematical modeling activities – Opportunities and challenges from the perspective of mathematics didactics

2022-03-16 Georgii Oblapenko (DLR)

Improving particle-based rarefied flow simulation methods


Winter Semester 2020/2021

2020-11-25 Alexander Jesser (SCC-SCM)

Neutron Transport Simulations for Radioactive Waste Characterization

2020-12-02 1) Dr. Yun Long (SCC-SCM)

Research on Hydraulics in Pumps and Future Research on Thermal Performances of Molten Salt Receivers

  2) Stephanie Hofmann (SCC-SCM)

Using stochastic Language Models for word predictions - Workshop for pupils

2020-12-09 1) Maqsood Rajput (SCC-SCM)

Uncertainty quantification in climate models for ozone

  2) Steffen Schotthöfer (IANM-CSMM)

Hybrid machine learning and numerical methods for radiative transport equations

2020-12-16 1) Alexandra Walter (SCC-SCM)

Human rules - AI brains: Automated CTV delineation for head and neck cancers

  2) Pia Stammer (SCC-SCM)

Mathematics and uncertainties in particle therapy

2021-01-20 Kirsten Wohak (SCC-SCM)

Interactive teaching and learning materials for the mathematics of inverse problems

2021-01-27 1) Jannick Wolters (SCC-SCM)

Sparse PGNAA measurement reconstruction

  2) Sarah Schönbrodt (SCC-SCM)

Recommender Systems, the Netflix Challenge, and an interactive workshop for high-school students

2021-02-03 Gayatri Čaklović (FZJ/CSMM)

Paralpha: a parallel-in-time and space PDE solver

2021-02-10 Tvrtko Dorešić (RWTH Aachen/CSMM)

Global Weak Solution for the Landau-Lifshitz-Vlasov-Maxwell System

2021-02-17 Jonas Kusch (SCC-SCM)

Ray-effect mitigation techniques for radiation transport

Winter Semester 2019/2020

2019-10-02 Samuel Braun (SCC)

Presentation of the source code editor Visual Studio Code and the extension Remote Development

2019-11-27 Tillmann Mühlpfordt (IAI)

Presentation of PolyChaos.jl

2019-12-04 Zecan Tu (SCC)

Thermal analysis of the high-temperature component with composites material and the simulation of heat and mass transfer in molten salt receivers of solar tower power plants

2019-12-11 Michael Weimer (IMK-ASF/SCC)

Mountian-wave induced Polar Stratospheric Clouds in ICON-ART

2019-12-18 Ryan G. McClarren (University of Notre Dame)

Dynamic Mode Decomposition for Particle Transport Calculations: Computing Eigenvalues and Accelerating Convergence

2020-01-16, 15:45
CS, Emil Mosonyi-HS
Prof. Dr. Nikolai Kornev (Uni-Rostock)

Generation of Artificial Velocity and Scalar Fluctuations based on Divergence-Free Vortex Particles

2020-01-22 Torsten Trimborn (RWTH Aachen)

Kinetic Modeling of Residual Neural Networks

2020-01-31 Julian Köllermeier (KU Leuven)

Reducing the model error of moment equations using filters

2020-02-12 Pia Stammer (SCC-SCM)

Uncertainty Quantification in Radiation Therapy

2020-02-19 Mehdi Roozmeh (SCC-SCM)

Scalable Computing Techniques

2020-03-04 Maqsood Rajput (CSMM)

Filtered Stochastic Galerkin Method for Radiative transfer and Fluid dynamics

2020-03-11 Jonona Yakupova

Inclusion of corrosion protection measures in an AI framework

Isabel Alznauer

Symplectic integrators for Hamiltonian systems

Heike Fliegl (INT)

Innovation Platform MaterialDigital

Charlotte Wedler

Parameter Optimization for Ray Effect Mitigation Techniques


Winter Semester 2018/2019
2018-10-01 Markus Uhlmann (IFH) Large-scale, fully-resolved DNS of particulate flow systems
2018-10-10 Yohanes Pramudya (INT) High throughput screening of MOF for gas separations
2018-10-17 M. Paul Laiu
(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
A Constraint-Reduced MPC Algorithm for Convex Quadratic Programming, with a Modified Active Set Identification Scheme
2018-10-24 Marco Berghoff An Early Preview of "Non-collective Scalable Global Network Based on Local Communications"
2018-10-31 Matthias Vandichel
(Aalto University)
Description of metal-oxide/metal interfaces in catalysis with kinetic modeling
2018-11-07 Holger Obermaier Performance tools - an overview
2018-11-14 Samuel Braun Die Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Methode für die Simulation von Mehrphasenströmungen
2018-11-21 Manuel Drehwald Parallelizing a sieve using OpenMP
2018-12-05 Lennart Hilbert (ITG) Information retrieval and three-dimensional organization in the cell nucleus
2018-12-12 Gayatri Čaklović
(Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Parallel Computation of the Hyperbolic QR Factorization
2019-01-09 Jan Giesselmann
(TU Darmstadt)
A posteriori error analysis for (random) systems of hyperbolic conservation laws
2019-01-23 Hüseyin Kalkan Quantum Order Finding Algorithm
2019-02-20 Bernd Schuller
(Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Federated Computing with UNICORE
2019-02-20 Antonio Figueroa
(RWTH Aachen)
Nuclear Archaeology for Nuclear Arms Control
2019-03-06 Nikolai Pfinsterer NAStJA MPI+GPU and Report MPI+X
2019-03-13 Axel von der Weth (INR) Hydrogen transport in metallic media


Christoph Peters (IVD) Moment-Based Methods for Real-Time Shadows and Fast Transient Imaging


Summer Semester 2018
2018-05-02 Qian Yang (Stanford University) Big Data for Physical Science: Statistical Learning and Model Reduction of Complex Chemical Reaction Networks
2018-05-16 Ryan McClarren
(University of Notre Dame)
2018-05-24 Cory Hauck Multiscale convergence properties for spectral approximations of a model kinetic equation
2018-05-25 Oscar Lopez Pouso
(Universidad Santiago de Compostela)
Numerical solution of the Fokker-Planck equation in 1D slab geometry
2018-05-30 Jonas Kusch TBA
2018-06-06 Matthias Schäfer TBA
2018-06-20 Kirsten Wohak Complex modeling: animated movies and computer tomography
2018-07-02 Malte Goettsche Nuclear Archaeology: Reconstructing Past Fissile Material Production
2018-07-11 Rainer Stotzka Automatische Layoutanalyse mittelalterlicher Handschriften und frühneuzeitlicher Drucke
2018-07-18 Ivan Kondov Scalable polynomial propagators for classical molecular dynamics
2018-07-25 Benjamin Seibold
(Temple University)
Phantom Traffic Jams and Traffic Flow Control via Autonomous Vehicles
2018-08-01 Robert Speck
(Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Parallel-in-time integration
2018-08-08 Philipp Schenkel Untersuchung von maschinellen Lernansätzen im Bereich Textverstehen (Bachelor thesis)
2018-08-08 Teddy Pichard On hyperbolic systems with stiff source terms
2018-08-22 Eckhard Wehrse Scanning beam path optimization for proton therapy (Bachelor thesis)
2018-08-23 Kai Krycki (AINT GmbH) Mathematical topics at AINT


Winter Semester 2017/2018
2017-11-08 Olaf Schneider Enabling Computational Science
2017-11-15 Georgi Nikolov and Michail Bachijski
(SimLab Energy)
Master Theses
2017-11-22 Shugo Yasuda
(University of Hyogo, Japan)
Synchronized molecular-dynamics simulation via macroscopic heat and momentum transports
2017-11-29 H. Anzt, R. Lohner and S. Raffeiner Report on SC'17
2017-12-06 Thomas Camminady Ray effect mitigation in transport simulations
2017-12-13 Bruno Dubroca
(Université de Bordeaux, France)
M1 model for the irradiation of materials
2018-01-10 Ivan Kondov Upscaling approaches for simulation in materials science
2018-01-17 Maren Hattebuhr Teaching high-school students about the statistics and mathematical models of climate change
2018-01-17 George Pitchurov
(TU Sofia)
Modelling of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation
2018-01-24 Marco Berghoff Vorstellung des NAStJA Frameworks: HPC für Phasenfeld, kristallines Phasenfeld und zellulärem Potts Modell
2018-01-31 Carlos Schmidt Muniz Optimal Control of Solar Thermal Power Plants
2018-02-05 Maike Sube (RWTH Aachen) TBA
2018-02-05 Jannick Wolters (RWTH Aachen) TBA
2018-02-07 Morris Kurz Asynchronous Finite Difference Schemes for HPC
2018-02-14 Marouen Ben Said (IBG) Phasenfeldmodellierung – Benetzung von Flüssigkeiten auf festen Oberflächen
2018-02-21 Philipp Hamberger Condensation of fast pyrolysis vapors
2018-02-28 Asfaw Yohannes Computational study of small negatively charged platinum clusters
2018-03-07 Mehmet Soysal ADA-FS
2018-03-14 Jordan Denev Transient Flame Straining and Flame Response Time
2018-03-21 Michael Weimer Polar Stratospheric Clouds in ICON-ART
2018-03-28 Camilla Lummerzheim Ein hierarchisches Modulsystem