• KIT-Mobile Portal

  • Portal/website with personalized and localized information optimized for access with mobile devices. Target groups are employees and students.

KIT-Mobile - m.kit.edu

The KIT-Mobile portal is accessible at m.kit.edu and offers localized and personalized content for mobile, easy-to-use access.

There are individual accesses for each target group: For students, there is direct access to the Campus Management incl. timetable and grade report after login. For employees, there are accesses to the SCC Self-Service Portal incl. account information, e-mail forwarding, and data protection settings instead.

For all target groups, three offers are at the top of the list: When does the next KIT shuttle leave, depending on one's own location. If access to the location is activated in the mobile device, routes and times to the next stop as well as the next two shuttle departure times are shown.

In addition, the daily updated offers of the cafeteria, the canteen in the North Campus, and the Max Rubner Institute Casino are available for viewing. The third highlight of KIT-Mobile is thepeople search, which is once again especially optimized for mobile needs. In addition to the staff search, e.g. a direct call by means of the cell phone is comfortably possible by a click.

Current events, news from the KIT homepage and, depending on the login status or origin, news from the KIT intranet and lectures currently running are available. The existing campus map can be used for orientation as well as for searching for facilities on the campus.